What is a roofline? many don’t know, you’re not to blame though, if you’re not a builder then why should you?

Homeowners often overlook their roofline, even though it is an important part of your whole roof’s protection, along with guttering, roofline is often the collective term used to describe cladding, fascia and soffits that are installed below and to the front of your roof and eaves. Although the roofline can add a decorative element to the home, it is also highly practical and functional for maintaining a water-tight and secure roof.

Fascias: A fascia is essential for ensuring rain water does not penetrate your home, as it is often connected between the guttering and the roof. our team can help you to pick the proper option for your home.

Soffits: A soffit provides a beautiful and practical style to the roofline along with the fascia.

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