Blocked gutters can be problematic to your property, not just overflowing of water but the damage you don’t see to the masonry, pointing or brickwork.

Regular gutter cleaning stop gutters becoming full and heavy, can pull away from the wall and becomes distorted in shape.

Waiting for the problem to present itself is already too late, your property could already be suffering water damage.

GPM specialise in all types of gutter cleaning for domestic, retail and commercial premises.

Having your gutters cleaned regularly will save your thousands in the long run.

We are trained to clean your gutters using ladders and harnesses meaning we don’t need expensive scaffolding, this give you’re a more efficient job and a great price.

We specialise in removing:

  • Build-up of silt
  • Moss
  • Weeds
  • Leaves
  • Other types of biological matter

Within our range of guttering services, we have the skills to operate on Glasgow’s Tenements without the need for scaffolding, we are happy to come out and give your free advice and planned maintenance quote to help keep your property in a certain standard.

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